The best destinations to drink beer in the world

If you are a hop drink lover, don’t miss this world tour of the best destinations to perfect your pint descent. From state-of-the-art microbreweries to must-attend festivals, everything is there to help you indulge your passion.

Munich, Germany

The city of Munich is considered the world’s beer capital with its annual Oktoberfest. 6 million people gather at this beer festival to drink together.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin was the birthplace of the Guinness brewery. It is therefore a must for lovers of the famous black beer. Mulligan’s bar claims to serve the best pint of Guinness.

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges bars have more than 400 different Belgian beers. To immerse yourself in this culture, there is nothing better than a visit to the Bruges Beer Museum with its wall of beers.

Prague, Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is the world’s largest beer consuming country with 142 litres per year per capita. It is home to the oldest brewery in history, U Fleku.

Berlin, Germany

There are hundreds of different beers there. In August, you can attend the Bierfestival: 2 km of terraces serving more than 2000 varieties of beer from 300 breweries around the world.